We are proud to be contributing to the growing body of research into the benefits of yoga.


Our current research examines yoga’s effectiveness in the social care sector, in particular delivering regular chair yoga sessions to residents in UK care homes. A recently completed 6-month feasibility study in five Hertfordshire care homes revealed:

Mental health benefits

Physical health benefits

Social benefits

including decreases in stress and anxiety, alleviation from depression and improvements in overall sense of wellbeing – feeling more relaxed and positive.

including improvements in strength and balance – better able to perform activities of daily living.

with increases in social contact – doing yoga in a group reduces social isolation.

“Gets your mind working on positive things …”


Michael, care home resident

“I have found it has … strengthened my stomach muscles … I have been able to control my movements better.”


Eileen, care home resident

“[We’re] all together, and it’s friendly.”


Peggy, 96 years old

Next Steps


Working in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, our next project is a randomized controlled study delivering chair yoga to care home residents with and without dementia. For more information about our research, just get in touch.

Care home testimonials:

“[The chair yoga activity] has reduced the number of falls and it has improved their mobility … The complaints have reduced … [the residents] are so much happier with the little things.’


Care home manager

“I would recommend it to anyone in any home and I’m sure they would all benefit by it.”

Janet, 94 years old

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