Why Accessible Yoga?

What is yoga?

Yoga is part of an ancient meditative practice originating in India. Yoga postures exist to help deepen meditation, while their broader health benefits for strength, flexibility and balance are now widely recognised.

What is accessible yoga?

For many people, the image of the bendy young woman on a yoga mat suggests yoga is not for them. Accessible yoga brings the practice of yoga and all its benefits to everyone.

What is chair yoga?

Chair yoga is … well, yoga! It is yoga adapted for the chair, retaining all of the qualities and benefits of mat yoga. Chair yoga is ‘infinitely adjustable’. This means that every posture can be done to a level that suits the user. Any style of yoga can be practised on the chair, from gentle restorative yoga to the most athletic yoga.

Testimonials from our students:

“Chair yoga is wonderful. … I would have liked to have done ordinary yoga or Pilates but when lying down I would have difficulties getting up again and I would not be able to see the tutor. Chair yoga overcomes these problems.” –


David, 71

“Chair yoga has helped me tremendously. I feel energized after each session and I have noticed that even through gentle exercise and stretching that my flexibility and strength have improved greatly. … I have also had a lot less joint pain in my hips, knee and back since I started chair yoga.”


Kate, 44

“I have done yoga since the 1970s and now, after a hip replacement, I need support to safely go from standing to floor exercises. These sessions have been very welcome to ‘bridge the gap’ and get me back to the wellbeing I experienced from yoga on the mat.”


Chair yoga student

“My arthritic knee has been much better since I started doing [chair yoga].”


Mary, 65

“I feel the exercises are of great benefit to me. The classes are friendly and caring.” 

June, 76

“I enjoy going: I look forward to it. … I’d miss it now if we didn’t have it.”


Betty, care home resident, 91 years old

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